Conversation Between Clock Maker And The Clock.

A clock maker said to the clock he was making, “Hey clock, are you able to tick at least 31,536,000 times during the year?”

“Ha?” said the stunned clock, “where am I willing?”

“How about 86,400 times in a day?”

“86,400 times? With a slender needle like this?” the clock replied full of doubts.

“How about 3,600 times in an hour?”

“In an hour it should be ticked 3,600 times? That’s a lot of it.” Still the clock was hesitant about his abilities.

The watchman patiently then spoke to the clock, “Then can you afford to beat once every second?”

“Well, in that case, I can afford it!” said the clock full of enthusiasm.

And so, when it was done, the clock ticked once every second. Imperceptibly, second by second kept passing and the hour was incredible because it turned out that for an entire year he had been beating non-stop. And that means it has ticked 31,536,000 times in a year.

When we are faced with an arduous task, we often say that we can’t afford it. However, when we take the commitment to start and work on it step by step, we have unknowingly completed the seemingly arduous task.

The choice is always with us. Will we start it now and believe that we are capable of doing it?

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