Do you have poor emotional intelligence?

When you cannot manage your emotions it can have detrimental consequences states: “Having low EI means that a person has difficulty recognizing and understanding their emotions and those of others. People with low EI may also have poor emotion regulation and find it difficult to use their emotions to attain personal goals.”

So I ask you again, Do you have poor emotional intelligence? Do you see it in yourself that you need help? It’s good if you recognize it. Being able to interact with people is important. Communication is key and learning how to speak without having to bite your tongue is a start.

Learn how to speak

8 suggestions from on how to communicate effectively:

“Respectful Communication Skills

• Practice politeness, courtesy and kindness. …

• Listen graciously. …

• Avoid negativity. …

• Talk to people — not about them. …

• Don’t overcriticize. …

• Treat people equally. …

• Be emotionally empathetic. …

• Value others’ opinions.”

When you interact with people practice these communication skills and they will help you. Being emotionally empathetic when having a conversation means
showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Your feelings are not the only important ones in the conversation. Always allow the other person to reflect and share too.

Listen generously and do not speak over them. Value their opinions because you can learn something new. Your character matures when you work on it. Just do your part.

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