Where is your Furniture?

There was a traveller arriving in a city. This man heard that there was a wise man in the city, and wanted to see him. The wise man was known to be pious and kind so much loved by many. For that it is not difficult to find the wise man. When the traveller asked where his home was, everyone he met immediately pointed towards the end of the village where stood a rickety hut.

When he knocked on the door of the hut, an old man appeared and invited him in. The traveller was very surprised to find that the wise man lived in a rickety hut; contents were only a table, a chair, a stove and cooking utensils.

Feeling uncomfortable, the traveller asked, “Where is the furniture of your house?”

The old man asked the traveller softly, “Which is yours?”

“Of course it’s in my house. I’m traveling, there’s no way I’m bringing my furniture,” the traveller replied.

“So do I,” the wise old man replied. “I’m traveling in this world.”

Are we aware that we are actually traveling in this world? Our home is in heaven. But many people nowadays forget that they are traveling so they are busy collecting treasures in this world. In the end, they could not bring all the treasures of the world when it came time to return to the Father’s house in heaven.

Don’t forget that we are temporary residents in this world, use these worldly treasures to generate heavenly wealth.

Dear friends, I warn you as “temporary residents and foreigners” to keep away from worldly desires that wage war against your very souls.”

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