Healed From Trust Issues

Trust issue is a condition where it is difficult for a person to easily trust others. Person with lower levels of trust. It can appear within the family, friendship relationships, and with the couple. Trust issues can make a person live in heartache, trauma, fear, confusion, and anger in the long run. As long as this problem is still left in a person, during that time he will not be able to experience joy and a healthy and open relationship with others. Over time, this can lead to bigger problems, such as emotional or physical abuse.

One of the signs a person having a trust issue is when he cannot be fully open to others, always has suspicions and doubts when building close relationships with others.

Of course God wants us to be free from disappointment and heartache. “Live as free men and not as those who abuse that freedom to cloak their wickedness,…”

If we are currently still haunted by a trust issue against someone, try doing these 5 steps:

  1. Be true to yourself.
    It will be a problem if we keep our own feelings of disappointment and heartache. The only way to escape this emotion is to honestly acknowledge the disappointment both to oneself, to others, and also to God. If necessary ask for help from those we trust to pray for us to be able to let go of any such disappointment and heartache and be reconciled through forgiveness.
  2. Do not suppress emotions.
    Emotions are a gift from God and it is a natural thing for anyone to experience. But to some extent emotions can make us fall into the snare of sin. Proverbs 15:18 says, “The hot-tempered stirs up quarrels, but the patient quench disputations.” When we really need to be angry, God wants us to keep our control of ourselves so as not to commit acts that harm ourselves or others.
  3. Seek help.
    If we feel that this feeling of disappointment and heartache is already very disturbing and makes our lives not joyful, it is time for us to seek reinforcements. One of them is that we can seek help through counseling or a psychiatrist.
  4. Learn to forgive.
    Forgiveness will make a person free from the burdens that bind emotions. When we strive to forgive others more quickly, then we will also be healed faster from every pain and wound that steals our trust. Ask God to help us to have a humble heart to forgive those who have hurt us. “For if ye forgive the iniquities of men, your heavenly Father shall forgive you also.” (Matthew 6:14).
  5. Learn to trust again.
    When we have forgiven, it means we are ready to trust others again. Open ourselves up and trust that when we truly love others sincerely.

God is able to heal us from trust issues that undermine our happiness and relationships with others. So don’t keep our disappointment and heartache, but leave it entirely to God.

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