Work Vigorously, Work Smartly And Win.

Inside the dark canal lived two rats. One day these two rats saw a piece of cheese bread from the hole of a ditch, but unfortunately the sewer hole was covered by very strong iron bars.

The two rats tried their best to destroy the iron bars with their sharp teeth. But the bars were too hard to break.

They stopped and began to think how to get to the cheese bread.

The first rat said in his heart, “I will not give up, I will destroy those iron bars with all my strength. Unyielding is the foundation of success!”

The second rat was pensive and thought, “I’m going to lose all my teeth if I’m desperate to bite those bars. It’s good if I just take another path to get that cheese bread.”

Then the first rat got up and started biting the bars again with all his might while the second rat chose to find another way.

Seeing the second rat leave, the first rat began to mock ; “You are easily to give up and not persistence, where is it possible that you can succeed in your life?”

The second rat didn’t care about the ridicule, he retreated looking for another way to the cheese bread place.

Eventually the second rat managed to gain its way to the cheese bread place while the first rat was exhausted and crumbled its teeth from biting the bars.

In working, we do need a great spirit to motivate ourselves. However, working with great zeal is not enough. We also need to work in a smart way.

The life we live is a war and the goal of it all is of course victory. Work is a war to be won. All is indeed passionate, but if it is not accompanied by intelligence and planning, defeat is what happens.

Working vigorously is not enough, we must work in a smart way. Work vigorously, work smartly, and then we will win.

Wise strategy is necessary to wage war, and with many astute advisers you’ll see the path to victory more clearly.

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