Reality Check: You are not entitled to things coming to you

Before you dream about stuff and look out the window waiting for them to appear… if you don’t start by washing your face to look presentable, ain’t nothing coming.

Action beats inaction. Get up. Wake up. Do it for yourself. Meet it halfway because when you get halfway, after working hard to attain it, you will meet it all the way if you have to. Sweat is important. The grind of doing something to attain something makes it a cherished possession.

The pursuit of happiness means effort, graft, time and patience. It means stepping out of your comfort zone. Leaving your bed where all the dreaming happens and everything you wish for comes true (in your bed). Most of our memorable events happen in our safe areas. All things are achieved in your safe area, where everyone sees your victory. Even your haters.

But when you step out of your bed or you move away from your safe area where all your dreams come true. Your pursuit of happiness pauses. Until it reunites with your safe area to continue and repeat the same story over and over again. The key is you should take your vision and dream with you.

Get out of bed and move away from your safe area with your dream in your heart. Work your dream and go to your safe area with results (it’s important to go back to your safe area). Use your safe area for renewed thinking and planning. Use your safe area as a pit stop. Your chill space where you can reflect, reassess, and regroup.

Your safe area is your pit stop to plan. It’s not a place to live your life. 


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