I am new here but I am full of ideas for us all.

Hi everyone, my name is Dariusz Łukasik, I’m 50 years old. Personal growth matters are my main interest. I like writing about all that is connected with personal development.

I have written three books so far. Today I want to share some content of my third book “A Cure for Anxiety.”

These excerpts are, as follows:


“All emotions are safe, even the unpleasant ones. I can tolerate them, and if I want to, I can work on them effectively. “1

In this section of the book, I want to share what I fear, what my fears are. I fear (November 2022) only two things (situations or events): I fear the justice of God (who, after my death, will judge my thoughts, words and deeds committed during my earthly life) and the sudden death of my beloved wife. Other than that, I am not afraid of anything or anyone. You may wonder: “How is this possible? After all, a so-called normal person is afraid of many things, e.g. losing a job, betraying a spouse, contracting a serious illness, war, etc.” And yet it is possible to let go of fears and anxieties if you really want to (at least most of them). It is possible to get rid of fears by working on yourself and developing yourself.

1M. C. Maultsby Jr., M. Wirga, M. DeBernardi, ABC twoich emocji, p. 205. (the translation of this quote is from Polish)”

“Most fears are unnecessary for us, they do us no good, excessive stress prevents us from enjoying life and living the so-called fulfilled life. We are not made to be afraid. Just think: if someone were to ask you “Is it better to be afraid or not to be afraid?” your answer would probably be obvious, because anxiety, fear and worry are mostly associated with something negative. Yes, sometimes fear or anxiety has a positive function, but in general the ideal state is a life without fears and anxieties.”

Life without anxiety is calmer, fuller, better. And this state of inner peace is what we are meant to strive for. I have had over fifty years of life behind me (I was born in 1972), and since 2010 I have consciously started to take care of my personal development. The beginning of this second, better part of my life was a book by Norman Vincent Peale entitled ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’. Between 2010 and 2022, I read a lot of personal development books, read some blog posts and personal development magazines (e.g. ”Charaktery”, ”Odnowa”, ”Psychology Today”). I developed my own style (way) of life, got rid of beliefs that were limiting me, limiting my development (e.g. one such limiting belief might be ”It is impossible to live without anxieties”), and adopted supportive beliefs1 that serve my growth.

1Definitions of basic terms are included at the end of the book.”

My third book is available in Polish at: ridero.eu website. My blog is here: DARETOLIVE.BLOG.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.

Dariusz Łukasik (daretolive72)

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