Life Killer

For wrath killeth the foolish man, and envy slayeth the silly one.

Physical death is when life is no longer conceived; when the breath has stopped and the spirit ceases to exist in the body; when the blood no longer flows all over the body. The body no longer functions to express the signs of life.

Life is meant to express a life that gives life to others. When this function ceases to exist in humans, then in essence the human being is dead even though signs of life such as breathing, eating, moving, and so on are still present in that person.

Invisible death is when human beings experience death in life that still exists in this world. On the contrary the dead can still live on this earth.

There are two life killers or those that make human life not reveal life and can even kill other humans, namely heartache and envy.

Heartache is in fools, which means that the one who is quick to feel hurt is a fool while envy is in a stupid person which means that the one who always envies is the fool. The fools and the stupid ones are those who have been killed in life; By The killers of life.

For where there is envy and selfishness there is chaos and all sorts of evil deeds.

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