Who is calling the shots? #MotivationalMonday # MondayMotivation

Today should be a great lesson for you. Don’t hesitate to have your priorities in check! Certain actions, moves, ideas should never happen until that list/order of arrangements has been completed chronologically (in order according to you). Who cares what others think? You’re not useful to anyone until you’re on point. [Sidenote: Some people think it’s all about them and that’s the reason why it’s never about them]

At the end of the day, people do what’s best for them at any given time. So, why would you not make sure to have yourself together first 🤔? When someone comes to me, I certainly hope each & every time they have their thoughts together (as much as possible)… Attitude is on point… maybe even have a solution in mind if need be (if there is a pending question or issue)… The duration of how long it takes to do something does not matter as long as you get it done. Its okay to help others… its okay to do things to please people that you love on but keep that seperate from your own identity. Please do the Best you can in every situation & it will all iron itself out. Do Not forget that those priorities come first!

“Blessings have drawbacks too! Thats why you can’t take everyone with you”


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