Lotus Flower Philosophy

Flowers are known as a symbol of the beauty of every plant so that not infrequently philosophers or critical thinkers are able to find various kinds of hidden meanings about plant life that we can study. One of them is the lotus flower. This plant with wide, floating green leaves is often found in ponds, swamps, or lakes. The water used as a lotus flower as a place to live is dirty, but it does not affect it to show its uniqueness and beautiful flowers. Here are 5 unique philosophies of the lotus flower.

1. Believing that being different from others is not a barrier to being the best.

Unlike other plants in general, lotus grows in different environments such as turbid water and smells less pleasant. But the lotus tries to cover it with wide leaves and beautiful flowers so that those who see it can focus more on its beauty, not the surrounding environment. Likewise, we, the family environment and the surrounding community that is different and looked down upon by others because it is considered difficult to achieve success is not a barrier to achieving goals, even we can scent our living environment with the success and goodness that we have strived for.

2. Even in a dirty environment, the lotus remains clean and shows its beauty.

Water and mud are needed by lotus to survive. Although the environment can be said to be dirty and smells bad, but that situation does not prevent it from showing the beauty of it flowers and keeping clean. This illustrates that humans actually still need each other, even in people who are not good. But, that doesn’t mean you have to follow and imitate the ugliness that people around you usually do.

3. The more insults and babbles others have to us, the more chances we have for success.

Lotus also has a characteristic that distinguishes it from other flowers, namely the dirtier the environment where the lotus flower lives, the higher the quality of the flower that grows. Indirectly, lotus teaches us to make insults and negative responses of others about us as motivation and reason to never give up achieving dreams, not just make it a burden to make us inferior and desperate.

4. Doing good without expecting something in return will get a more beautiful reward.

Lotus provides many benefits to other creatures, such as protecting fish from the hot sun, making its leaves for perching insects and frogs to jump, and so on. Even though all it could see all day was a dirty place to live. Because of it actions that always give help, having a beautiful flower and being used as a very precious flower by a group of humans is a form of reward for an amazing lotus.

5. It very short life reminds us that our life on earth is only momentary.

The flowers are indeed beautiful, unfortunately the lotus blooms in a very short time. Some have withered in the morning blooming night, but there are also those who can survive for days before the petals begin to come off one by one. In essence, man also lives in the world for a short time. The more we make the most of our life time, the faster and shorter our time to live in the world will be.

Those are some of the philosophical meanings of the lotus flower that we can ponder together. Although it lives short and lives in a dirty environment, it does not discourage the lotus flower from radiating a ray of beauty. Can we do it too?


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