If God Is Good, Why Bad Things Happen To Good People?

One of the most common questions we often hear is, “If God is good, why should bad things happen to good people?” And that’s right, many good people will experience suffering in their lives.

God doesn’t just allow suffering; God often uses suffering to test His faithful people. That was the event Job experienced, which eventually gave rise to the tried-and-tested character of Job, Job proved FAITHFUL. God also gave Paul to experience the test of his faithfulness through suffering so that he would be HUMBLED and REALIZE that God’s GRACE was more than enough for him.

So, when hard times come and God allows suffering in our lives, what is our response? Do we live it with a bitter and angry heart because we don’t feel we deserve it? Or, we will be grateful for the suffering that has arouse our strength?

Our response when the storms of life hits determines whether God’s glory is revealed, or only the bitterness we will feel.

Cheers good people!

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