Spread Happiness

A young man went to work in the morning. He called a taxi and got on. “Good morning, sir,” he said greeting the taxi driver first. “What a sunny morning, isn’t it?” he continued with a smile, then hummed a little.

The driver smiled at the cheerfulness of his passengers. Happily, he drove his taxi. Arriving at the destination, the young man paid with a sheet of $50, for a meter of almost $30. “The change is for you. Happy working, sir,” the young man said with a smile.

“Thank you,” replied the taxi driver gratefully. “Well, I can have breakfast first,” he thought. He then headed to a food stall.

“As usual, sir?” asked the stall keeper.

“Yes, as usual. Vegetable bread, but, this morning, add a piece of chicken,” the driver replied with a smile. And when paying, he added $5. “For your son’s snacks,” he said.

With an additional $5 pocket money, that morning the stall keeper’s child went to school with a wider smile. He was able to buy a loaf of bread this morning, and give it to a friend who had no provisions.

So… The story can go on. Rolling like a snowball. Mr. driver could have been happier that day. So is the stall keeper, her child, the child’s friends. All contracted happiness.

Happiness, like distress, can rub off on anyone around us. Happiness is a choice. Have you spread happiness today?


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