15 insights from the spiritual path

  1. I thought all I needed to know about life would be taught to me in school.
    Now I know that most people know neither the goal nor the rules of life.
  2. I thought that consciousness was a by-product of the brain.
    Now I know that the brain is a consequence of consciousness’s thought
    (- the thought ‘I am separate’ taken seriously).
  3. I thought life was about learning facts and skills.
    Now I know that life is about remembering our true nature.
  4. I thought life was about money and success.
    Now I know that inner peace is more important than anything else.
  5. I thought life was about becoming someone special.
    Now I know that the journey is about losing the illusion of the separate self.
  6. I thought I would get the things I needed to be happy from outside.
    Now I know that happiness is an inside job.
  7. I thought I had to change the world out there.
    Now I know that the world ‘out there’ is merely a mirror of my state of mind.
  8. I thought it was important to be in control.
    Now I know that it is about letting go and letting God.
  9. I thought we had free will.
    Now I know that free will exists only as long as I assume to be separate from God.
  10. I thought people were moving around randomly, like molecules in a gas.
    Now I know that encounters are orchestrated with amazing precision.
  11. I thought struggling in life was inevitable.
    Now I know that there is another navigation mode: wishing and receiving.
  12. I thought I was the victim of circumstances.
    Now I know we may have planned our challenges prior to our incarnation.
  13. I assumed stillness was the absence of noise.
    Now I know that the stillness of our real being transcends noise and silence.
  14. I assumed eternity meant a really long duration.
    Now I know eternity is beyond the realm of time.
  15. I wasn’t sure whether God existed.
    Now I know that God is everywhere.


Author: Karin Finger

Source: https://karinfinger.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/15-insights-from-the-spiritual-path/


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