Interview With God

I dreamed that I was doing an interview with God.

“So, you want to do an interview with me?” God asked.

“Well, if You have time God,” I replied.

God smiled, “My time is eternal… What questions do you have in mind for Me?”

What’s Your most surprising thing about humans?”

God answered, “That people get bored easily with childhood, they rush to grow up, and then yearn to go back to being children again.

“That people lose their health just to make money… and then lose money to restore their health again.

“That people like to worry about their future, and forget about the present, so they do not live in the present nor the future.

“That men live as they will never die and die as they never live.”

God holds my hand… and we were both in silence for a while.

Then I asked, “As a Parent, what life lesson do you want for your children to learn?”

God answered, “Learn that they can’t make everyone love them. All they can do is allow themselves to be loved.

“Learn that it’s not good to compare themselves to others.

“Learn to forgive with sincere forgiveness.

“Learn that it only takes a few seconds to hurt their loved ones, but it takes years to heal.

“Learn that rich people are not the ones who have the most, but the ones who need the least.

“Learn that there are actually people who love them, but don’t understand how to express or show their feelings.

“Learn that two people can look at the same thing, but see it differently.

“Learn that it’s not enough just to forgive others, but they also have to forgive themselves.”

“Thank you for Your time God,” I said humbly. “Is there anything else You would like us to know?”

God smiled, and said, “Know that I am always here. Always.”

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