Why you should not hide your emotions

Don’t fake it because you miss opportunities to fix yourself

Some of us don’t reveal our weaknesses. We mask them through lying, pretending, and smiling. We fake it to prevent people seeing the emotions we battle. Don’t hide your emotions… rather work on them.

Why hidden emotions cannot be fixed

Don’t practice hiding your emotions. Yes, it can happen naturally where situations in your life prevent you from trusting people. You develop a blocking mechanism and pretend that at least on your side you have no problems hindering you.
It’s wrong to pretend. Don’t live your life this way.
If you have a problem get help for it. I will always push people to ask for help. There’s no one who is perfect and there are a lot of people who can help you overcome tough times. Your experiences are real so why would you act like they aren’t?

If you have problems ask for help. Personally, I hid my feelings for many years. I built a tough shell, impenetrable even by close people I loved. I hid almost everything which troubled me. They knew me to be happy, motivated, and going places. But deep down I was in hell. My life was tormented by feelings I couldn’t understand. And asking for help would mean people would see my weaknesses.

It was scary the first time I asked for help, and to cut the story short, today I ask for help with such ease I don’t care what people think. If it helps me move beyond pain I get help for it. One key in the beginning is that I did not ask for help where people will judge me. I went to a place where people didn’t know me and I asked for help. WHY? Because it’s difficult to ask a person who thinks they know you… it’s hard to tell people who commune with you such things.

Some of them will try and help you the best way they can, and because they think they know you, they can give you a diluted version of help to appease your emotions. But you may need hard Truths and Solutions which require tough love. So it’s not bad to ask loved ones for help. They can be a turning point for you to fix your problems.


If possible go to a place you feel comfortable. The most important thing is to ask for help. And if you cannot go to such a place. Then ask a person close to you. Even if it feels hard and scary, in order to fix your life you have to do hard things which help you.

I’ve asked people I admire for help. People I felt ashamed to approach in the beginning. I now applaud myself for doing it because I couldn’t stay in that bubble any longer



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