How to prevent bitterness or ill feelings towards others

Why bitterness or resentment can destroy your life

We all have one or two people in our lives who annoy us and cause animosity. They make sure they are heard, and their presence is felt. They don’t seem to go away until you outgrow them. This is the key to repelling haters when you outgrow them they disappear.

How to outgrow people who cause bitterness in your life

You mature and you don’t fall for their traps. You don’t fight back, and you don’t retaliate. If they try to manipulate you, don’t allow them. Don’t allow your emotions to be controlled. Anger is real and in the heat of the moment a person can trigger you, but it’s important not to engage.

Some people feed off pain. They want to see or hear other people’s pain. We are not the same so if you’re kind and understanding some people out there are opposite. Don’t be like them don’t develop a bitter heart it’s not attractive and it will not get you far in life.

What is the meaning of bitterness?

Oxford languages on Goggle describes bitterness as “anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly; which is resentment.” No one wants to be treated unfairly and the challenging part is when you now know about bitterness, you cannot fight back. Don’t give the other person the satisfaction of being able to manipulate you. The most powerful reaction is not to react at all. Do the opposite.

How do you know if you’re bitter? published:


1. You have imaginary conversations
2. You replay a conversation or experience over and over in your head
3. You feel the need to tell someone what he/she did 
4. You are easily offended by this person
5. You have strong negative emotional reactions to things they say and do around you 
6. You can remember details of things he/she said from months or years ago
7. You are keeping a list of offenses.”

Look how simple it is to grow bitterness in your heart. The 7 signs quoted show you what you need to correct if you’re going to overcome bitterness. Do the opposite! When people see how mature you are they walk away. People bully people who lack self-control. If you remain quiet, if you don’t engage, and you walk away… you’ll see the hardwork pay off.


Walking away is a sign of maturity and not weakness. A person can taunt you but don’t take the bait. As hard as it may be don’t engage. Remove yourself physically or emotionally and tell them you’re not going to deal with the situation their way. Be cool as a cucumber. Wise as an owl. Manage the situation because it’s your reputation on the line. Theirs is long gone.



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