Are you ready for success?

Don’t lose everything after working hard to get it

Are you ready for success? Don’t rise and fall because you failed to manage your emotions. Being successful comes with a lot of responsibility. The favor you get from success gives you better options which must be managed.

When money accumulates in your wallet it requires sobriety. Before you spend money you have to budget and plan. If you don’t have a budget or plan it will baffle you on how fast your money finishes but deep down you’ll know why because a careless person destroys his own life… just check your receipts. You will see where your money goes and if nothing is done to stop the indulgence it can be your last season.

Money moves around at incredible speed and if you’re careless it will come and go very quickly. Don’t use money unconsciously, track your transactions. Know how much money you have. Assess how much expenditure you have and what remains after you pay your bills. Choose what’s important month to month. Have an allowance for fun but don’t have too much fun in one month.

It’s good to enjoy your money, but wisely. Don’t look at social media and think that the people who flaunt their wealth use it all on fun activities. The videos and pictures posted on social media may be the tip of the iceberg for them. Successful people budget their fun and most of their expenditure on social media is not an expenditure, but it’s planned fun. They get paid to flaunt their so-called wealth while other people believe that it’s good to buy luxurious things all of the time.


Success demands a responsible person. If money sees that you’re loose it will deplete very quickly. Planning and budgeting is important if you want your money to grow; without focus you will not have it for long. Be forewarned… a budget teaches you to be disciplined and it guides your expenditure.



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