Laughing at Yourself #MotivationalMonday #MondayMotivation

I often look back on the experiences I’ve had and chuckle at them. Surprisingly, a lot of it is based on embarrassing or unfortunate moments that happened to me. Its incredible how some moments which seemed like the end of the world, have failed to hold me back from achieving my goals. Dwelling on  “should-have, could-have”  moments does nobody any good if you’ve already healed from them. If you missed out on some key opportunities, there will be more on the way! Allow yourself to learn from these moments. If you don’t allow/accept vulnerability with self, then when will you ever be happy? Let this message serve as a reflection on personal experiences and how those embarrassing moments have not stopped anyone’s progress in life. It’s okay to find humor in these moments. This is a great sign of self acceptance & personal growth. Greatness is around the corner ✌🏾

“Its not always easy to let your guard down and be vulnerable,  but its necessaryfor personal growth”


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