Don’t fall victim to Hate #MotivationalMonday

Hatred is a (insert_profanity)… Hatred can easily consume all of us on so many different levels. Why? Because it’s easier to put a negative connotation on anything we do (contagious act). We often refuse to dig deep to find the root cause. Maybe we are too hurt? Afraid? Or just broken 😔. This is why we should keep around as many cheerful & motivating influences around us all the time. I admit that this sounds corny but it works! Put in the time & you will see the results. I challenge you to think differently to save your life. Just as much negative thoughts we have, we can generate positive ones! Every time you get a thought, curve it by distracting yourself. Every time someone says something demeaning, change the subject. Anytime you feel too much pressure, walk away from it. Take control over your life by monitoring the way one think, speak, and act. Every move you make today is critical in future times. Even if we can see the possibility of achieving a certain goal that might not end well, we must still try.

“Use your competitive nature to be the Best Person that you can be”

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