Zero time to Waste

The more you focus on problems, the more issues will begin to appear.  The more you focus on finding solutions, the more solutions will probably be made.  You decide! There is 24 hours in a day. Most of us probably get our day started between 7 -10 hrs in the new day. Then, we work for another 7 – 10 hrs. Crazy right? Do you honestly have enough time to ponder on every issue for several hours? I think not! You must find a solution, quick! Just think about how unproductive it is by pondering on an unsolved issue from the day before while on the job today… Especially,  if you could have solved it in a matter of moments. We live in a world now, in which almost everything is easily accessible. We don’t have much time to harbor negative perspectives (given the amount of time we need to keep moving in the right direction). Give it your all & the return on investment will be Great!

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